Dave D. Williamson Here Again Friends,
  My partner, (Monna) and I were
  discussing what we thought was the most difficult part of someone getting started with a home based business and marketing online.

One of the main drawbacks to a beginner starting online is that you are not well known and so begins the process of “marketing and branding yourself”and learning how to get your knowledge and expertise out to the people who are interested in what you have to offer them.

Right now, video marketing is the most popular form of marketing and “being yourself” is crucial to building your reputation online. The old off line ways of marketing to family and friends are a thing of the past. People don’t join companies any longer. People want to know “YOU” and forming a relationship with them through social media such as videos, Facebook, MySpace or the many other social media sites is the key to building your online presence.

You want to interact with people and get to know them and let them get to know you. People are not just numbers in these communities that you increase at random. As you communicate, form a valuable bond with these people, either through your interests, activities and REMEMBER, always supply plenty of VALUE as they will Respect and Follow you in any online endeavor not to mention provide enrichment to your own life as well.

Our team has many comments concerning the making of marketing videos, such as, “I am too shy to make a video or I don’t know what to say in a video” etc. If you are going to let your prospects get to know “YOU”, then sit back for a moment with a nice deep breath, then relax. This enables you to be “Your Real Self”.

Note: Here’s the Cold Hard Facts, Your first video won’t be so good, heck mine was really horrible in my eyes, but what you think is NOT what others think about your first video, Come on now, most people will not even know it’s your first video… What a relief… Right!

One thing is for sure and that is: IF you jump out there and just ‘DO IT’ your effort will self perfect in which will allow you to get better. On the other hand, if you do Nothing at all, you’ll gain Nothing.

For me, personally I love being in front of any super LIVE video camera and again, my partner (Monna) like most of you, runs like she’s escaping the plague from time to time which is Very Normal.

Fortunately, Monna and I can delay the “beginners” pain and suffering phenomena. After reviewing many emails, and most of all, reading many posts, etc. about this scary video subject, I decided to give you some very Valuable Insight in a special video about the importance of being “Yourself” for One (1) main Reason…

Monna and I are receiving emails with very frightening questions about common video fears…

With this being said, you asked and I’m proud to help each and every one of you.

When viewing this video, ask yourself a few questions…
1. Do you feel I’m being my true relaxed self?
2. Do you feel I’m applying Honesty while talking to you?

I think all of you get the picture here, and more importantly this is where all the MAGIC starts. Again if you do Nothing you get nothing in return and that includes no practice friends…

IMPORTANT: I highly recommend you subscribe to our FREE 8 Day Boot Camps on the upper right of this blog page. This will also reinforce the “Being Yourself” concept and how it really applies to everyone not to mention how surprised you will be to find out this is in fact Contagious!

Dive In Friends,,, that’s how I started and guess what? “it works or you would not be reading this right now, right…

Value and Knowledge from the bottom of our hearts,

Dave D. Williamson

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