Today’s training will literally teach you how to install a WordPress theme to your blog or website (central nerve center).  The  theme is basically the outline for your site. It’s the one component that makes your site attractive. There’s literally thousands of themes on the internet. You can simply go into Google and type in “Free Themes” to find one that fits your style.

Not all themes are created equal. Be sure your theme is created by a respected designer. The last thing that you want is to have coding problems and let that get in the way of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). is highly respected and you can get both premium and Free themes there. Remember, when promoting a business opportunity… less is more. Keep your blog or website very clean. Do NOT add a bunch of free ads as they are only distractions to your prospects. You’ll be able to create additional streams of income in your autoresponder. There’s absolutely no need to load up your site with various types distracting advertising. Capture your prospects attention and keep them focused on the main reason why you have them there.  And Add Value, Value and more Value. This is what will separate you from your competition?

How To Install a Theme to Your WordPress Blog

Free WordPress Themes - Woo Themes Free and Premium WordPress Themes Can Be Found Here

Recommended Resource Blog Service Option:

I do NOT hide the fact that learning WordPress, additional plug-ins, widgets and designing etc. does take some time, so we’ve put together an “unmatched” Attraction Marketing Celebrity Design Team that will completely build a customized blog for you… The ‘Attraction Marketing Celebrity Blog Design Service’ was created Exclusively for my blog followers & friends (that means you : ).  We’ve secured HUGE discounts in getting your own Fully customized, Professionally Designed, Personally branded blog up and running for you in no-time.

If Your Stuck on Design – This is Your Solution

And you know what… I LOVE to OVER Deliver value in everything I teach. So, I have a very special bonus video on “How to install plugins in WordPress”. NOTE: To access the area where you add plugins, simply log into your WordPress dashboard, scroll down to “Plugins” then click on “Add New” located on the left side, then watch the video below.

Installing Your WordPress Plugins Central Nerve Center / Blog:

.. (Click on the expand option in the lower right hand corner of the video player to view full screen)…

Let me know if this tutorial helped you out. If so, pass this on to your friends by using the “re-tweet” and “share this” button below this training. They’ll appreciate it and remember; what comes around, goes around. 🙂

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