Have you ever heard?  Creating “backlinks” in Business, Community Forums, Blogs etc., can dramatically lower your “Alexa Traffic Ranking” and bring explosive results to your business when applied correctly?

WOW!  Today, I’m going to prove it by sharing some simple techniques that have literally Crushed my ‘high’ Alexa Traffic Ranking from over 1,000,000, down to 470,000 in just three (3) months!

That’s a whopping 1,240 %…  Anyone familiar with Alexa will tell you this is Phenomenal!  Today’s post has ‘dual value’ with an additional new program update called “FollowerWonk”.  What is Alexa Traffic Ranking?  What is FollowerWonk?  “Free Dave” puts it all on live video screen shot friends, Watch, Enjoy, and then Apply!  🙂

With the right attraction marketing system techniques, you’ll achieve these results rather quickly as long as you remain consistent and focused.  I’ll also remind you that all techniques in my posts remain fresh and working very effectively, “as we speak”.

Let Summarize in today’s post in a ‘Nutshell”… 🙂

1. Create an account in at least three forums that have very good Alexa traffic rankings. (See list “Dave’s Forums” on right side of this blog page as shown in the above video). I recommend; Warrior Forum, Conquer Your Niche and Better Networker Forum.

NOTE: Make your profile and signature file very different and unique than other forum members. Feel free to get some Ideas from my profile at the warrior forum if you like, here’s the link… http://www.warriorforum.com/members/davedwilliamson.html

2. Now that you have a profile set up, create a new post, thread etc. on a very ‘wide open’ topic that appeals to a large variety of the masses, not just networkers.  This will prevent spending too much of your valuable marketing time in these forums in the future.

NOTE: Post Subjects Examples: Branding, Attraction Marketing, Networking etc.  Also, make sure you have your forum account settings to receive an email you when someone replies to your post, thread etc.  I’m pretty sure your profile will automatically be set up to notify you.

3. Make sure to reply immediately to any prospects who reply to your post.  At this point you should be receiving an email when someone replies.  Stay prompt and alert so prospects see you standing out from the rest.  They are more likely to follow someone who is “on the ball” in the game of marketing.

NOTE: Always, hold a “neutral” stance of opinion in your replies and always try to reply using an attraction marketing statement in the form of a question to arouse curiosity!

4. Put these three forums and their daily chores on a “daily reminder”.  I keep a “daily reminder” notepad file on my desktop.  These are daily business chores I complete first thing every day.  Click on the thumbnail to the right to enlarge the screen shot of my daily routine for an example.

5. Go to FollowerWonk , and click on “Twitter user comparison”. You will have to type in some accounts to compare in order to get to the page where you can sign up for the updates.  You can type in “democrats” in the field “Twitter user 1” and “republicans” in “Twitter user 2:”.

On the next page, enter your email information in the box located at the bottom left side of the page. You’ll now be one of the first to be able to apply their applications when they become available.  This is going to be very big friends so get it done now.

Put these techniques to work today and keep a steady eye on your Alexa Traffic Ranking! 🙂


We do not just “talk the talk”, We “walk the walk”. 🙂

These proven techniques have taken many hours of trial and error which is the reason for their effectiveness and success, so…

Share this information with others and give back to the networking industry.

Until next time,

ALWAYS! Moving You Forward While Making Things Happen,

Dave D. Williamson

P.S. Was this post valuable?  Let everyone know!  Drop “Free Dave” a comment below.  Wow, I’m a poet and “didn’t know it”  lol 🙂

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