Twitter Tips for Getting More Clicks on Your Tweets

Everywhere we look now, there’s some type of information concerning Twitter; “what is Twitter and how to use it”, “how to use twitter effectively” and the list goes on and on.  However, I haven’t seen too many Twitter tips for getting more clicks on your tweets, so I’m going to share some personal tips that you can use immediately to achieve more clicks on your tweets.

 Bring Your Tweets to “Life”, Get More Clicks



By applying my tips in the above video, you’ll get more clicks on the links, in your tweets. Now it’s time to look at the power of numbers…

Using the numbers…

Let’s do some social media networking math here friends… we’ll be very conservative to say that I have 200 friends in 15 different social communities (200 x 15 = 3000 friends) right?

We’ll be super conservative this time and assume those 200 friends of mine each have 200 friends of their own (3000 x 200 = 6000). So now we have a total of 6000 friends that will potentially see my tweets.

If we achieve just 2% click rate from 6000 friends, we would have 120 new prospects visiting your blog, website, social community or wherever your tweeted link sends them. Now you know what I mean by “powerful”. 🙂

Yours in clever tweeting,
Dave D. Williamson







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