This Could Be You…

8-day-trainingblock While reading an interesting Book on
Mentoring titled, “Modern Technology and Your Online Internet Business”, some very important thoughts came, with you in mind so I decided to put together this quick video to explain in more detail…

Placing myself in your position one year ago, I had NO realization of new technology and where it was advancing to in the future. If I had a Marketing Mentor at that time to hand me the information, it obviously would have saved me many hours of trial and errors in my marketing methods.

With this in mind, I’m going to save YOU the time it took me to realize how Important using “New Technology and also how critical “Proper Mentoring” is to your marketing. As with the outdated 1940’s farm tractor I showed you in the video above, it is very primitively outdated and now rendered Useless to the modern day farmer. It would cost the farmer a fortune in maintenance, productivity and time etc. A pretty important factor when considering that the farmer’s family survival is on the line here. Wouldn’t you say?

The same principles of Technologies apply to your online marketing now friends… That’s right, I’m sure you certainly would NOT go back to using the old time marketing methods such as: direct mail, contacting neighbors and friends etc.


Imagine how long it would take to reach the number of prospects you now are capable of reaching on the internet today, not to mention the gas, wear/tear on your automobile and the time you would spend to accomplish this.
Another important point is this: Just imagine trying to follow up with all your prospects without an auto-responder or manually submitting your blog, ads, articles, videos etc. What a Time consuming Nightmare.. huh? I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.


Now friends, I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve thrown stacks of business opportunities out in the trash. You know what I’m talking about… The Carlton Sheets Real Estate Courses, Don Lapre Wealth Building Methods, etc. Come to think of it, I’ve sold everything from “lotions and potions” to “Kirby Vacuum Cleaners”. At one time I even bought a very big Xerox Multi Printer for over $2,000 (all the money I had at the time), in addition to spending countless hours hammering out direct mail!

I also remember my phone receiver handle smoking from using it so much. Heck I was calling everyone; I visited doctors’ offices, stores, and even knocked on residential doors! Back then we called it Knocking Doors and Cleaning Floors”… lol..

They call it “the good old days”… well, they can have those good old days. The old ways of marketing would make you want to sign up for the death penalty at the end of the day, lol…

At no surprise, most people were at work during the day, so guess who had to work each and every evening? That’s right, me… what a drag! I’m glad those days are gone.


If I were starting over today, I would first take about 1-2 days to Really Investigate many marketing mentors, Not only to see if he or she is honest, but more importantly… do I feel comfortable with them, can I relate to what they are saying?

We all know that our learning and marketing production time increases 100 fold when we are comfortable with who’s mentoring or teaching us.

Secondly, I would make sure the mentor was practicing “Attraction Marketing” because pushy marketing is definitely a Turn Off and a thing of the past! Another very important ingredient I would look for when considering a marketing mentor is this; It’s very, very important that you feel your mentor is coming from the true heart and really enjoys helping people. A good way to tell is to see how much Free Value he or she offers you without trying to push a sale on you.

It entirely impossible to cover all the tips I’ve learned in my past marketing and mentoring experiences here on this post. However, you may subscribe to my RSS Feed on this page to get the future posts.

I’ve just recently decided to incorporate fresh marketing tips (tips that are working for me right now) in my posts soon. You’ll also find that I will be posting personal and fresh video training that is also working for me right now. My Video training has many little tricks that I use to allow you can learn faster for example: Zooming in on key areas using screen shots, attraction marketing communication tricks, I guarantee you won’t find most other places on the internet.

Bold statements right? Well find out for yourself and when you do, share it with PICTURE everyone because we all need help in this uncertain economy we are now in.

Remember, This Could Be You!
Yours in Mastery,
Dave D. Williamson

PS. One of my very loyal team members sent me this picture of his dad’s 1940’s farm tractor after seeing my above video…

Thanks Jim…

Pretty neat, don’t you think?

The Scary Thoughts of Video Marketing…


  Dave D. Williamson Here Again Friends,
  My partner, (Monna) and I were
  discussing what we thought was the most difficult part of someone getting started with a home based business and marketing online.

One of the main drawbacks to a beginner starting online is that you are not well known and so begins the process of “marketing and branding yourself”and learning how to get your knowledge and expertise out to the people who are interested in what you have to offer them.

Right now, video marketing is the most popular form of marketing and “being yourself” is crucial to building your reputation online. The old off line ways of marketing to family and friends are a thing of the past. People don’t join companies any longer. People want to know “YOU” and forming a relationship with them through social media such as videos, Facebook, MySpace or the many other social media sites is the key to building your online presence.

You want to interact with people and get to know them and let them get to know you. People are not just numbers in these communities that you increase at random. As you communicate, form a valuable bond with these people, either through your interests, activities and REMEMBER, always supply plenty of VALUE as they will Respect and Follow you in any online endeavor not to mention provide enrichment to your own life as well.

Our team has many comments concerning the making of marketing videos, such as, “I am too shy to make a video or I don’t know what to say in a video” etc. If you are going to let your prospects get to know “YOU”, then sit back for a moment with a nice deep breath, then relax. This enables you to be “Your Real Self”.

Note: Here’s the Cold Hard Facts, Your first video won’t be so good, heck mine was really horrible in my eyes, but what you think is NOT what others think about your first video, Come on now, most people will not even know it’s your first video… What a relief… Right!

One thing is for sure and that is: IF you jump out there and just ‘DO IT’ your effort will self perfect in which will allow you to get better. On the other hand, if you do Nothing at all, you’ll gain Nothing.

For me, personally I love being in front of any super LIVE video camera and again, my partner (Monna) like most of you, runs like she’s escaping the plague from time to time which is Very Normal.

Fortunately, Monna and I can delay the “beginners” pain and suffering phenomena. After reviewing many emails, and most of all, reading many posts, etc. about this scary video subject, I decided to give you some very Valuable Insight in a special video about the importance of being “Yourself” for One (1) main Reason…

Monna and I are receiving emails with very frightening questions about common video fears…

With this being said, you asked and I’m proud to help each and every one of you.

When viewing this video, ask yourself a few questions…
1. Do you feel I’m being my true relaxed self?
2. Do you feel I’m applying Honesty while talking to you?

I think all of you get the picture here, and more importantly this is where all the MAGIC starts. Again if you do Nothing you get nothing in return and that includes no practice friends…

IMPORTANT: I highly recommend you subscribe to our FREE 8 Day Boot Camps on the upper right of this blog page. This will also reinforce the “Being Yourself” concept and how it really applies to everyone not to mention how surprised you will be to find out this is in fact Contagious!

Dive In Friends,,, that’s how I started and guess what? “it works or you would not be reading this right now, right…

Value and Knowledge from the bottom of our hearts,

Dave D. Williamson

Be A Full Time Internet Entrepreneur…

For those of you working your tails off everyday just to make someone else wealthy, rssfeedI’ve made this brief video to show you there’s a better way of life and hope as there was for me One Year ago.  Enjoy, I’m here to help all of you whom are serious…

The Free life style of “Doing What I Want”, “Going Where I Want”, “Working When I Want” etc… sure beats the heck out of getting up every morning at 5:00 am, going to work 12 hours per day breaking my back just to make someone else wealthy.

Do yourself a favor before its too late, don’t waste most of your life working for someone else like I have… I’m 49 years old with 30 years of beating myself up!

If I can do it, you can also… Get started exactly where I did with the completely
Free 8 Day Video Bootcamps…

P.S. Share The News Of This With Your Friends And Followers,

They’ll Thank You For It. Trust Me…

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