Tweetspinner Video Tutorial… Automate Twitter…

As we all know, marketing time is so very precious and should be utilized.
I just had to share this everyone and couldn’t resist making this “How to Use” Tweetspinner basics video tutorial… ENJOY!


We’ve covered Tweetspinner, Google Keyword Tool and Twellow when applying and setting up Tweetspinner Management Tool.


Step One: Go to Tweetspinner and decide which option would suit your needs, Basic or Pro.

Step Two: Use the “Google External Keyword Tool” to get keyword Ideals for your “Keyword” and “Mimic” following setup.

Step Three: Use “Twellow” (Twitter Yellow Pages) at: Twellow to find followers/friends of good reputable social media marketing mentors, leaders etc. This will give you a more rewarding and targeted list in the future.

Key Features of the Tweetspinner “Pro” account:

  • Automatically clean spam from your DM Inbox
    Use the scheduler to manage your Direct Messages.
  • Twitter profiles & designs can be Scheduled for Rotation
    Alternate your bios, and images to convey yourself to followers.
  • Management of Customer Relationships
    Filters, Configurations and analysis help you find and engage new followers.

Whether you use the Free (Basic) or Paid (Pro) Version of Tweetspinner, management of your Twitter account or accounts will definitely be easier to handle… In most cases, Tweetspinner will cut your valuable time significantly, enabling you to again; focus more of your time on effective marketing……

Additional Note: The Tweetspinner “Free” basic version is limited on features but still very valuable.

Also remember to keep your friends to followings ratio to around two hundred (200) and set your following filter located in the “Following Manager” to a maximum of ‘40’ per action.

Above and beyond the time you’ll save, Tweetspinner will build a more Higher Quality Targeted List both now and in the future which increases marketing campaign conversion.  All on Total Autopilot!

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Dave D. Williamson

Incredible Twitter Management Tool…

welcome-backSocial Media Marketing is a “constantly on the internet run”, business so why not have a Twitter Tweeting tool (with tons of other features) that will work while you’re on the run…

Relax, Enjoy then Apply… the incredible information in this Video Tutorial…


In today’s internet marketing world, new Social Media Tools (especially for Twitter), have always fascinated me with their ability to save us more time for additional marketing depending on how well the particular tool is designed.

For the past 6 months, I’ve taken ‘time management’ to the next level in my overall internet social media marketing business, this applies to HootSuite “Hootlet” as it saves me an incredible amount of time that can be re-directed for more marketing campaigns.

Just one example of this: Let’s say I found some very valuable information I want to pass on to you… I can tweet this information from the site URL while I’m there! I can also schedule future tweets a week or two ahead. This is very handy if you’re planning a vacation…

Now I do not hide the fact, there’s other programs that will do this, but I’ve found that ‘hands down’, this is the easiest understandable program to use.


• Tweet on the run with a “shrink this”, a built in feature that automatically shortens the suggested Url.

• Save your time and sanity with the “Multiple Accounts”
feature. Manage all of your Twitter accounts through
one client:

• Companies or organizations with more than one
contributor can use “Team Workflow”.

• Perfecting marketing campaigns couldn’t be any easier
than “Track Statistics”. Through improved visualizations
link statistics. Shown in graphs, this summary also
shows individual tweet statistics!

Multi-Column View: One does not want to miss a tweet
with HootSuite’s multiple columns feature. Arrange your
Twitter stream into friends, news, search terms, keyword
tracking – etc. Individual groups can be easily arranged
with the “Drag and Drop” feature.

Being shorter than most, this post and the above video tutorial shows you how to use the basics HootSuite and the remote Hootlet tool. You may find all these features to your advantage; however, I explicitly use this tool for tweeting on the run and scheduling future tweets.

There’s nothing to sell here, just good clean free valuable information along with a free program you can apply to your marketing, business etc, so cut some of your time down with the utilization of this free tool at: HootSuite

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Dave D. Williamson

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How To Get The Best Targeted Followers on Twitter…

rss-feedSocial Media Marketing (Twitter) is One of the Fastest Growing Market Mediums on the Internet Today…

For this reason, I’ve put together this video tutorial with some very powerful tools and resources that have really help me with Twitter.

I hope the Twitter tools/resources information I’ve revealed in the above video has given you more insights while managing your Twitter account, thus saving you more precious time for additional marketing campaigns which is the name of the game here.  As I’ve stated before, 90 percent of the time it’s a combination of little techniques that “make or break” your internet marketing or business opportunity marketing.

When It Comes To Valuable Time Saving Software at a One Time Reasonable Price…

Again, I Use Twitter Friend Adder as it has reduced my social media marketing management time in half, producing more time for additional marketing campaigns.  In addition to this, you can also pick up followers a number of unique ways that will result in a much more Targeted Quality list with Better results when running future campaigns.

In addition to this, Twitter Friend Adder will also remove the friends whom are not following you back.  This will enable you to keep adding friends 3 to 5 days per week with a clean up every two (2) days. Sometimes it’s not necessarily the overhead costs that will hurt you, I’ve found that Time Management is also very important when it comes to utilizing your marketing efforts and this is where Twitter Friend Adder is considered priceless.

Again, to get Twitter Friend Adder,  CLICK HERE…

To Add Twitter Friends Using A Free Resource…

Simple follow my examples in the above video tutorial…. Just remember to use the Google Keyword Tool first if you need additional keyword ideas.  I recommend setting up your account while you’re there. If you already have a Google account, you can sign in with that same information.

To set up an account and use the Google Keyword Tool,  CLICK HERE…

Then use the ideas from the Google Keyword Tool to see what kind of results come up in the Twitter Yellow Pages (Twellow). Then simply use the most productive keywords. This will produce a much more targeted friend’s lists that can be used on future marketing campaigns that will yield better conversion rates.

Removing Friends Using a Free Internet Resource…

Note: Remember to keep your followers to followings ratio within 10 percent, Add friends 3 -5 days per week and remove unfollowers every two (2) days for example:

If you had 4000 followers and 4200 followings, you could only add 10% (400) to your followings: 4000 followers + 400 (10%) = 4400 followings total.

Even though you will be limited by this 10% rule once your account reaches 2000, it’s still good practice to keep your followers to followings ratio close to 10% even if you have under 2000 in your account. The reason for this is that your account will be much easier to clean up once you DO reach the 2000 mark.

Because of the video time requirements of YouTube, I didn’t get a chance to cover this free resource of removing Twitter friends whom are NOT following you back, but don’t worry this is free and very easy to use. The name of the free resource is called “Your Twitter Karma”.

To use Your Twitter Karma to remove unfollowers,  CLICK HERE…”

Just enter your Twitter username/password then hit “Whacks”. It will take a few moments to bring up your Twitter account information.

Then simply use the drop down box at the top of the page to select “only following”. These are the people you are following who are NOT following you back. You want to check each box next to each individual name that are at least 3 days ago or more. When you’re finished, just go to the bottom of the page and click “bulk unfollow” and that’s it. The results will show up when you perform your next login.

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Until Then Friends…

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Dave D. Williamson

The Vacuum Cleaner Story…

rssfeedYou know, I wasn’t going to share this with anyone, but its so informative and also another masterpiece from my mentor whom is solely responsible for me being able to work from home for over a year now. Enjoy!

I’m sure you can now see the importance of having a true experienced mentor to guide you. This type of Attraction Marketing Mentorship has excelled me into the next millionaire making marketing technique (video marketing) and has increased my marketing activity Ten Fold already…

I’m now offering you the same mentoring love that was offered to me… All you have to do is apply it as I have.

People will tell you that dreams are real only when you’re sleeping… I’m here to tell you, this is the first dream I’ve had with my eyes open… lol.. lol…

Today is the first day of the rest of your life… so what are you waiting for friends?

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Hello Again Friends,
Today’s article and video is shorter in length than usual, but just as helpful and powerful…

You’re probably wondering if there’s more to this Santa Claus hat I’m wearing than just the holiday spirit…


What About The Darkest Moments of Being Financially BUSTED After The Holidays?

Remembering back one year ago when I started as an internet entrepreneur, I recall being terribly upstricken after seeing only “twenty stinking dollars” in my wallet at the end of the Christmas/New Year’s holiday season.

Thinking like a Millionaire and overlooking my budget while shopping, eating out and doing financial favors for the family, I had created a huge financial burden that took a heavy toll on my future marketing schedule not to mention, I couldn’t really concentrate on where to start!


Considering the bad state of the economy this year, I decided to give you some helpful insights that will enable you to get back to business and speed up your financial recovery from the costly holiday pit fall.

Things Every Internet Entrepreneur Should Consider after the Holidays, Especially after Christmas and New Years since the span of time is longer than most…

I highly recommend touching base with your teammates, prospects etc. to personally find out where their trouble spots are, for example: Your prospects of team members may not know where to restart their marketing efforts or some may just need some simple ideas on putting a quick campaign together to help recover some of their income back.

One idea would be to launch a quick campaign using an Dave Santa Hat4
affiliate program you’re already a part of and familiar with.


Maybe a quick change up in your blog or website, keywords, tag words etc. to increase exposure with Google. Not only is this quick, but also just like mylelf, you could discover that you’re really not under the correct keywords in which could drive additional droves of traffic to your site. Remember, it only takes that ONE small ingredient to put you back on track, but it takes a lot of little things to make everything come together.

Keep in mind; that in most cases, ONE technique alone usually NEVER yields you success in your business, however, it’s a proven fact that a multitude of little techniques or things you do, ‘WHEN DONE RIGHT’, will make or break your business.


Often just one of these little techniques will completely put your business on a rewarding fast track path to success! It happens more than you think friends, but one thing is for sure…. If you do Nothing, you’ll get Nothing.

Do yourself a favor friends, sit down, relax and do some real thinking for a moment… you’ll be surprised with the ideas that suddenly pop up in your mind!

Also, depending on the comments, questions etc. I receive from this post located at the bottom of this page, I may put together an easy campaign that you can duplicate (with the option to use my videos) to help speed up the “after the holidays” recovery process for your business.


Leave your comments below so I can better know where most of you need help. You may also want to subscribe to my RSS Feed “Get Blog Post” mid ways down this page on the right (black box). This way you’ll be the first to get notified of any new marketing tips and help articles. It only takes one to completely turn your business around! As always, I’m here to help…

Have a Very Blessed Holiday My Friends,

Dave D. Williamson
Monna Ellithorpe (Partner)

PS. Stay tuned for an upcoming “mind blowing” article, “Some Very Deadly Mistakes To Avoid When Designing and Choosing a Blog Template or Having A Blog Professionally Designed”…

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