Devastating!  It happened to my friends. Don’t let this happen to you!  If you don’t know how to mask your IP address or ARE already masking your IP address, you’ll definitely want to watch this brief video, and then seriously give this some thought. Watch then apply! 🙂

IMPORTANT: Masking your IP address is much easier than you think.  I’ve investigated many IP address masking programs and found “Hide My Ass” to be one of the easiest time saving programs with all the features you could ever ask for.

Plain and Simple, at the very least, consider masking your IP address for an identity theft solution.

In addition to my ongoing dedication of finding New and Free ‘State of the Art’ programs, tools etc., for your marketing, I’m always looking for ways to secure your online presence.  In the future, I will also cover “How to Report Identity Theft “.

I would never want fraudulent activity to happen to anyone, so providing this free information to you may save just a few more people from the devastation of identity theft or hacker activities. 🙂

So…  Please Retweet and Share this with all of our innocent friends on the internet, they DO deserve it.  🙂

Always moving you forward,

Dave D. Williamson

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