What can I say on a personal basis my friends? We’ll let the video do the talking.  🙂 Also, how explosive would it be to learn some very effective ways to “increase your blog traffic” and “how to ping your blog” using Pingler, Ping.fm and Bit.ly.com as your tracking and URL shortener? True Attraction Marketing and Branding at its finest! Today’s bonus includes an additional “what to watch out for” when using Feedburner and your RSS feed link or RSS feed URL. This is a VERY Valuable Triple Post! Watch, Enjoy, then apply… 🙂

No worry, I’ll list all links covered in the post at the bottom of the page. 🙂

In summary friends:

1. Its actually better to use Open Office instead of Microsoft Word when composing your post or any document when working online, Open Office does exclude all the unwanted code that many online programs are not compatible with.

Note: This is especially true with auto-responders and Feed Burner.

2.  Remember to add all the available communities you can when setting up your Ping.fm account. You will NOT need to do this with Pingler.

3.  Remember; Ping 2 to 4 links free good ‘Attraction Marketing’ messages (updates or tweets etc.) and 1 to 3 good ‘Attraction Marketing’ messages with a good valuable links per day. Use my concepts friends, they work!

Note: I recommend the following times to ping:

  • Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Between 9 to 11am and 3pm to 6pm eastern standard time, (prospects are groggy on Monday morning and also get up later and go out early in the evening on weekends).
  • Tuesday through Thursday – Between 5 to 8am, 10am to 1pm, 3 to 6pm eastern standard time, (prime time for business).

4.  Use a URL shortener like Bit.ly to not only shorten, but also track your URL links. This will tell you in the future which post you’ll want to re-ping or tweet when you do not have time to hand create a new post. All you have to do is go to bit.ly and look at the number of tweets and the age of the post, if you have a low number of tweets then re-ping the post.  I’ve personally found this tip to be very valuable and time saving.

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Links covered in today’s post:

Pingler – http://www.pingler.com
Ping.Fm – http://www.ping.fm
Bit.ly – http://www.bitly.com
Open Office – http://openoffice.org

Tell ’em Who Ya my friends… 🙂

Dave D. Williamson

P.S. I’m in the process of adding a “training post search” box at the top of each page, but until then, you can access tons of related value and techniques located under ‘recent’ and ‘popular’ post on the right side of this page. 🙂

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