Working on your long term branding or your promoting a business opportunity etc.?

We’ve all encountered the immediate need “one time or another”, for live chat software when communicating with our prospects or the need for a cheaper way of telecommunications.

This online chat software (Skype) is actually cheaper than a conventional telephone service in many ways, it not only saves you time, but ‘big bucks’ on internet phone calls with a complete internet phone service.  Today’s video tutorial includes some techniques and how to use Skype. Watch, then Apply friends… 🙂

In Summary: I’ve been using Skype ( ) online chat software for years now, often live chatting with my partner (Monna) for full days at a time without disconnecting and I’ve very seldom run into problems.  🙂  As a matter of fact, I do currently have a Skype group called “Free Dave’s True Attraction-Marketing and Branding Group” where anyone can get ‘spur of the moment’ help with their marketing and many other subjects.  🙂

Side Note: More information on How to join my group will be in the “P.S.” area at the bottom of this post just below my signature…

Let’s move forward… Skype isn’t just about free Skype-to-Skype calls and low-cost local, national, and international calls to phones and mobiles.

Other features include text messaging directly from Skype; forwarding a call to your mobile; or setting up an online number for friends, family, and colleagues to make a local calls from their old-fashioned phone to your Skype, wherever in the world you are. 🙂

Check out Skypes Free and Premium Features at:

Put yourself in the communication winners circle with Skype free or premium, I’ve done all the testing for you… 🙂

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Moving Everyone Forward, 🙂
Dave D. Williamson

P.S. Get support during the “spur of the moment” at “Free Dave’s True Attraction-Marketing and Branding Skype Group”.

P.S.S. If you don’t have Skype, CLICK HERE… to download it Absolutely Free, then add Dave (dwill60513) as a new contact.  (Due to the fraudulent activity on the internet today, when you request me to add you as a new contact, tell me what this is in reference to for Example:  “Hey Dave, I like your blog post on Skype. Would you add me as a new contact to your group?”.

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