Merry Christmas friends!

Tis the season to be Jolly!
I sincerely love you all!

Let’s refrain from attraction marketing, MLM and  internet business for just one very worthwhile moment to reflect on the ‘Greatest‘, ‘Most Important‘ time of the year, “Christmas”, where we celebrate the ‘Birth of Christ’.

There’s nothing greater in the entire universe than the holy sacrifice that took place to forgive us of all our sins. Each and every precious day we live, eat and breath on this earth, we are blessed with the ability to sincerely dedicate our true thankfulness for the many wonderful things we “too often” take for granite… our  children, pets, food, shelter, warmth, health, love, and happiness just to mention a few…

Never, lose track or forget that our “All Mighty” one above also gave us the human desire and compassion to help one another both, in bad times and in  good! He has saturated us with His love, and when we accept it, we suddenly desire to bring joy, laughter and happiness to all of our brothers and sisters during this ‘only’ one life we get to live here on earth.

A Two Minute Christmas Message From…
Dave D. Williamson

Now…  The holiday laughs are on me! 🙂 with these very Funny Christmas Videos! Make sure and watch them all as each one gets even funnier as you proceed and by the time you get to the last video, you’ll be rolling on the ground laughing. 🙂 Enjoy and again… may the good “All Mighty” be with each and every one of you during this holiday season. Bless you all!



Do you remember the joy of the little boy wanting a “Red Ryder” BB Gun for a Christmas present and how the ‘Award Winning’ movie “A Christmas Story” tugged at our hearts strings and brought back our own childhood memories?  Well, here’s another hilarious video based on that movie, but first, to make this even funnier, check out who the guest stars are below…
Dave D. Williamson – character: (oldest son that wanted a Red Ryder BB Gun” & “school kid with his tongue stuck to the flag pole) lol…
Monna Ellithorpe (My Internet Partner) – character: (mother)
Albert Einstein – character: (dad)
Kevan – (My Son) – character: (youngest son)

Santa, Please Bring Me A “Red Ryder” BB Gun!

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