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Where did my day go?  I’m starting to feel the effects of stress on the body and mind here my friends!  I need a break! What happen to those amazing marketing ideas that are usually popping up in my mind?

Do you have a form of: ‘stress management activities’ or ‘stress relief techniques’?  Do you need to refresh your mindset?  I often do… and have some suggestions for you.  A total ‘Brain Dump’ on Life and Reality!  What’s in it for you?  Just some pure “Mind Clearing”, “From the Heart”, ways to relieve stress and neutralize your mindset.  Allow those Explosive Marketing ideas to “once again” start popping up in your mind.  Remember those days?  Meet my Stress Relief Puppy, Butch!  Enjoy this video, friends!

No Rehearsal, No Script Writing, or ‘Mumbo Jumbo’, I put together this video tutorial from the bottom of my Heart.  Hopefully you’ll understand why Yoga, Working out or just a simple walk in the yard with Butch relieves my stress and refreshes my mindset.

In addition to some of the ideas I’ve covered, having a ‘time management’ and a ‘priority list’ will dramatically help reduce stress.  We all relate to this one time or another in our business careers, so deal with it now in a responsive, but effective manner.  Stop it before it gets out of hand.

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Yours in causing success,

Dave D. Williamson

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