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Claiming Your Piece of Internet Real Estate…

With a very devastated economy and unemployment rates that are ‘off the hook’, millions of people are flocking to the internet with hopes of survival relief in the form of an internet presence or business.  The problem is… most people do not know where to start. How to buy a low-cost web domain name and how to get the best and most reliable web hosting are the first steps to starting and building your internet future.  Today I’m going to cover how to claim and host your domain name…  This is a ‘confusion free’ start for all newbie’s and also for those of you who have been on the internet for a short time and plan to host your own web site with a web site hosting service…  sit back, enjoy, and then apply!  🙂

How to Claim Your Domain Name…


How to Transfer Your Domain Name to Your Host…

Acquiring your domain name and hosting is the beginning of your online journey to success and ‘online’ IS where the future wealth is!

In summary, I’ve found that GoDaddy is by far the best, cheapest and most ‘user friendly’ web domain registration site on the internet.  It’s also very easy to work with when transferring your domain name to a website hosting service (HostGator).

Host Gators dependability and service is unmatched anywhere on the internet today. It has a very fast web site load time and is also very easy to work with… Click on the images below to get your domain name and hosting service.

………….Domain Name: ………………………………………………………………..Hosting Account:




In my next post, (stay tuned) I’ll keep your path forward very simple with the next steps to developing your internet presence and also show you how to become someone your future prospects will Know, Like and Trust… 🙂

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Devastating!  It happened to my friends. Don’t let this happen to you!  If you don’t know how to mask your IP address or ARE already masking your IP address, you’ll definitely want to watch this brief video, and then seriously give this some thought. Watch then apply! 🙂

IMPORTANT: Masking your IP address is much easier than you think.  I’ve investigated many IP address masking programs and found “Hide My Ass” to be one of the easiest time saving programs with all the features you could ever ask for.

Plain and Simple, at the very least, consider masking your IP address for an identity theft solution.

In addition to my ongoing dedication of finding New and Free ‘State of the Art’ programs, tools etc., for your marketing, I’m always looking for ways to secure your online presence.  In the future, I will also cover “How to Report Identity Theft “.

I would never want fraudulent activity to happen to anyone, so providing this free information to you may save just a few more people from the devastation of identity theft or hacker activities. 🙂

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WOW!  Interest rates are up, the stock markets are down, and unemployment is “off the hook”!  Amazingly, “work from home programs” and the ability to earn money working from home is dramatically flourishing as everyone runs for the cover of the internet.

Like a hero… arriving during my darkest marketing moments, I recall my mentor sending me inspirational emails; videos etc. that kept me hanging on to that ‘survival rope’ until he completely change my mindset, forcing me to look at things in a very different positive way.  Once I experience this mindset change, new unheard of marketing ideas started coming to mind.  Kind of weird, isn’t it? Hopefully, I can do the same for you today with this video post…

In summary, during these tough times, starting an internet business to earn money working from home is very obtainable, considering the vast marketing mediums in addition to millions of newcomers to the internet every year.  Look into the future by getting started now! Start where I did over one year ago by subscribing to the Free 8 Day Mastermind Boot-Camps located at the top right side of this page for both you and your family’s sake.

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