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Facebook “Insights” Social Branding Tip…

Hey Gang! Did You Know… That ALL of Our Top 2% Income Earning Leaders Successes On Facebook Have Been Based On Extensive Marketing Testing Using Facebook “Insights” ??

Do You Know Which Facebook Posts Are Performing Best According To Facebook’s Insights At Bringing In New Sales And Signups Into Your Business? IF NOT… WATCH The Brief Video Below… 🙂

 Facebook “Insights” Social Branding Tip…

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Yours In Helping The Average Everyday Hard-Working Person Succeed Online,

Dave D. Williamson (Free Dave)
Founder – Social Pro Revolution

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How To Get Free Targeted Traffic Using Twitter Hashtags

How To Get Free Targeted Traffic Using Twitter Hashtags

So what are Twitter hashtags and how are they used in Twitter, Google+ and other applicable social networks? First of all, let’s look at the official Wikipedi a definition of a hashtag…

A hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol #,[1][2] a form of metadata tag. Also, short messages on microblogging social networking services such as Twitter, Tout,, or Google+ may be tagged by including one or more with multiple words concatenated, e.g.:     #Wikipedia is an #encyclopedia

Hashtags provide a means of grouping such messages, since one can search for the hashtag and get the set of messages that contain it.

Now that we know what Twitter hashtags are, sit back, relax and watch today’s video where I’m going to share with you a quick 5 minute tip that you can apply immediately to demand as much highly targeted Twitter traffic as you need using hashtags — to create more op-tins, signups and sales in your business and… did I mention?, this won’t cost you one friggin dime of your money!

Using Twitter Hashtags To Target Specifically Traffic

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Step One: Use ‘MLM Rankings’ to find a good list of top performing and top gaining business opportunities to target using hashtags in Twitter at:

Step Two: Use ‘Twitter search’ to see how much activity there is on your hashtag keyword at: (make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page make sure it reloads at least twice showing plenty of results before targeting).

Step Three (optional): Use ‘Hootsuite’ to schedule your post updates to go out on complete autopilot at:

It’s an undeniable fact that over 95% of people fail miserably when it comes to creating success here on the web. There are several common reasons for this such as:

  • Their sponsor or up-line leader does not support them at all, period or… sends them to some automated company replicated training site where they’re left Stranded WITHOUT any personal support whatsoever.
  • Their ‘learning curve’ becomes so incredibly time-consuming and frustrating, they simple give up and go back to the J.O.B. or… just start jumping from biz opp to biz opp looking for that magic bullet or company that’s going to somehow save or bail them out.
  • They fail to understand that creating success, no matter what business you’re in, begins with branding yourself properly so that your prospects will want to get to know, like and trust you.

Most people end up stuck in the ‘fences’ of failure amongst millions of other followers who’re trying to PITCH their business opportunity to one another.

The Bottom Line Here…

People join YOU, NOT YOUR Business. Proper branding and relationship building dramatically increases the “trust factor” between you and your prospects. Branding and relationship building should be the FIRST stage of marketing education you invest in.

You can possess all the business opportunities in the world but they’ll do you NO good without a loyal list of people who you’ve built relationships with, that will literally ‘buy‘ or ‘join‘ you in any business you offer them. Make sense?

 Is It Time For You To GO PRO?

How To Get Free Targeted Traffic Using Twitter Hashtags - Social Plus Video Branding 3.0


Feel free to contact me– to discuss where you are in your marketing right now and most importantly, what is it that’s specifically preventing you from getting the results that you so much deserve. Don’t keep wasting your time and money on things that are just NOT working!

Yours in Helping The Little Guy,

Dave D. Williamson

Dave D. Williamson
Skype: davedwilliamson
(make sure to reference this post in your Skype contact request).

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Secrets To Success!

Secrets to SuccessThe Secrets to Success – If you want to make 6 figures in your business, you have to do more than just talk about it…

… In fact, you’ll find that when you think you can’t go on, watching video’s such as the one below will re-align your thinking and inspiration.

The video below inspires me every time I watch it. Let it inspire you in taking your business to the next level of success.

Secrets to Success!


Let’s speak soon.

Yours in Mastery,
Dave D. Williamson

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Succeed Twice As Quick With Online Coaching And Mentoring

It’s an undeniable fact that 90% of all our self made online millionaires have acquired some sort of online coaching, training and/or mentoring at one time or another. Since the beginning of “marketing time”, the ‘live personal one on one’ coaching approach has always been the  most effective method used to succeed in reaching the mountain of wealth and success much faster.

When I first started out, all I had was a dream and a unstoppable ‘drive’ of becoming successful here on the internet. I was totally lost, broke and confused. I seriously don’t know where I’d be in my social media marketing presence without forking out that initial couple of thousand dollars that I had to borrow to learn from a personal mentor who had already climbed the ropes to success.

Furthermore, I know there are many people out there who I would have never been able to help which is still my main goal today.  Friends, you must reach out and get the experience or keep spinning your wheels to reach your dreams of success!

Online Coaching, Training, Mentoring And YOU!

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Click on the ‘full screen’ icon located at the far right side of the video tool bar.

It just makes sense to have others who know
how to do what you want to do… show you the way.
And take you by the hand and guide you.

Everything changed once I found my first “mentor.”  Without your own personal coach… you are facing the very real possibility of wasting your time, energy, money… and even worse… your POTENTIAL; by going down the wrong pathways of building your business.

Is the timing right for YOU to get your coach?  One who’s going to take you by the hand & help you to the next level of your business?

I’ve decided to give you a free 30 minute personal coaching consultation.

This consultation will assess where you’re currently at with your business, will help you brainstorm your next action steps, plus will give you all around CLARITY on this entire process of online marketing to grow your business.

The value of this introductory coaching session is easily worth $197-397, yet it’s yours free as long as you’re truly committed & are taking your success very seriously.  Should you be accepted in to my ‘mentoring club’ ‘program, you should be ready to make a financial investment towards your business and future.

To get started, simply fill in our Pre-Coaching Consultation Form to give me a better idea of where you’re at right now in your business & where you want to be.  Once you submit your answers, I’ll contact you to schedule your appointment for your coaching session.

Mentoring Club

It is my sincere desire to help you REALIZE your full potential in this lifetime. You’ll learn you are more powerful than you can IMAGINE.

The world can be your playground.  I can’t wait to help you create your success.

I’ll see you soon.

Your Partner in Success,
Dave D. Williamson

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3 Magic Secrets to Creating a Magnetic Blog

3 Magic Secrets to Creating a Magnetic Blog

3magicsecretstocreatingamagneticblogApply these 3 Magic Secrets to Creating a Magnetic Blog and I guarantee that you’ll feel like a ‘new born’ baby demanding attention from your blog visitors! Many of my blog visitors are now applying these 3 magic secrets to creating a magnetic blog to completely transform their blogs with enormous success.

These Secrets will not only demand your blog visitors attention, but will actually set an unstoppable march forward as others will network your branding efforts (10 fold) by sharing your blog with everyone they know. All you’ll have to do is “stay consistent”. These are today’s modern methods for achieving maximum exposure thru proper social media branding. Relax, Enjoy, then Apply! 🙂

3 Magic Secrets to Creating a Magnetic Blog


Notes/Action Steps:

1. Feel free to watch the video several times, pause it when you need to and remember to get inside the mind of your prospects while you’re applying these secrets.

2. For those of you who would like to “jump start” your blog traffic and market branding… I do offer one on one personal coaching/menoring etc., at remarkably low prices. These services include Blog Creation (start to finish), Blog SEO (search engine optimization), Multiple Social Media Communities Management System, How to Write Posts and more… To find out if I have any positions available, send me an email: with “Coaching Services” in the subject line. As of now (time of this post – Feb 15, 2012) I have only 2 out of 5 total positions available.

Don’t miss my next post… You’ll be completely flabbergasted when I show you one simple SEO (search engine optimization) Word Press plug-in that even most industry leaders don’t know about. This plug-in actually installs in seconds and literally takes complete charge over your keyword and meta tag analyzation as if a Google analytics professional was standing right behind you!

Enter your email address in the Second Box down at the upper right side of this page where it says, Get Notified. Remember, consistent education creates success!

Yours in Today Modern Blog Branding Techniques,

Dave D. Williamson

How to Use Skype Online Chat Software Basics

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