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WordPress Basics…

Welcome back friends! This training will help you get familiar with your WordPress theme! Go out of the way to study your WordPress dashboard and get a good feel of where everything is located so you can make quick adjustments when needed. Most all themes are different, the majority of all quality themes will permit you to make the easy adjustments when it comes to the designing of your site.

Understanding WordPress – The Basic Essentials

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video player to view full screen)…

  • Learn the inner workings of your theme for easy editing.
  • Brand yourself by uploading a picture to your header. If you get stuck here you can always use Social Media Design Solutions
  • Google will reward you for keeping your content original. Remember to Add Value. Do you have a USP? (unique selling proposition)
  • Put together an offer or free report by posting to your blog and sending your prospects back to your post link through your autoresponder.
  • Use widgets to add your autoresponder to your sidebar (autoresponder tutorial is the next training).

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Love to all Networkers,

Dave D. Williamson

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How to Use Facebook For Business…

Are we at Facebook or Spambook?  🙂
I’m not really sure sometimes, but…
I do know that social media websites are for building relationships through friends, family, and business.  Today I’m sharing some very effective techniques on ‘how to use Facebook when communicating’ with others in addition to how to really target your “Getting Friends”.  These techniques are NOT ONLY time saving, they are very easy to grasp and are very effective.  Enjoy, and then apply… 🙂


Try these techniques not only on Facebook, but on any social media communities or social sites you spend time on everyday building your social networks.  While you’re at Facebook, I would love to see you, so come join me and say hi! 🙂

After some intensive time consuming investigations, I’ve now joined two Amazing Communities; one ‘New’ and one that’s been around for awhile, both are now positioned for the ‘New Wave’ future revolution of Social Media Marketing.  The fact is “they pay you” instead of making all the money themselves for something you’re already doing on a daily basis!  Another reason is that many people are really getting turned off by business opportunities, the competition, and the many variables of possible failure.

I highly recommend you join the two communities listed below to position yourself for the upcoming Explosion of Social Media.  You can join both on a free member basis or pay for an upgrade; I leave that up to you, but most importantly, get yourself positioned now!

I am a paying member at both of the below listed sites and will set up a complete “take you by the hand” proven technique to be profitable as you follow my shirt tail to the Social Media Success of the future.

I’m currently working with some of the ‘top performers’ on a personal basis to make this happen for us.

Also, while your here… If you haven’t already, subscribe to my RSS Feed at the top of this post, ‘get notified’ of future video posts that will explain in detail how to use these communities effectively so you’re not just another struggling marketer out there.

Position yourself now, here are the links.

Important: Remember to make your profile different, (foxy, sexy, etc.) with a variety of life situations pictures and also a video with more about you, if possible.  I am aware that many of you Run from the video recorder as I used to do, but there is an alternative…  You can do a simple slide show with some pictures of you and your family’s livelihood.  I’m sharing a Social Media Recipe that works friends… 🙂

Create an interesting Bio along with plenty of  interests, hobbies etc.  Make sure to fill your profile out to its entirety, nothing looks worse than a half completed profile.  This way you’ll attract more targeted “higher quality” friends.  🙂

Always Looking Beyond Today’s Marketing,

Dave D. Williamson

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What is a Gravatar Image? This fantastic little tip is going to focus on what an ‘Avatar’ is and ‘How’ using it will expand your Social Media Profile in the form of Branding and Networking. Enjoy this guided Gravatar video tutorial… Then just Apply it! 🙂

While reading some random comments on a blog the other day, it suddenly struck me how many people out there do NOT use an Avatar or Gravatar image. If you are not using one, you’re constantly depriving yourself of market exposure.

Make Gravatar Avatars at: … 🙂

This is the most globally recognized Gravatars service for creating your Avatar (your picture).  Using an Avatar constantly plants your image ‘in the mind’ of your prospects, thus being a very effective technique when branding and networking yourself.

Having an Avatar will not only develop your Social Media profile much faster , but will increase your market exposure.

Creating Forum Gravatars make your posts ‘Stand Out’ and ‘Grab’ the attention of others, making you more noticeable! J

Friends, do yourself a very ‘worthwhile’ and ‘long lasting’ favor, take a quick five minutes and set up your account at: . Then upload the image or images you will consider using for your Avatar. I can Not stress this enough, start Increasing your Networking and Branding efforts when posting comments on blogs, web forums etc.

As always, I love your feedback so please drop me a comment. 🙂

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Now let’s get to work and… ‘Keep Rockin’ this New Year! 🙂

Yours in Valuable Free Information,

Dave D. Williamson

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