Title*Vitamist Review – Legitimate
Or A Scam? What Is It And…

Can You Make Money With This Business Opportunity?

Discover exactly what “Vitamist” is and if it works. By the way, I’m not in any way affiliated or a representative for the Vitamist company and. This can be excelling news for you! Why? My opinions in this review will be TOTALLY unbiased allowing you to decide the REAL truth about Vitamist company.

First, Just little Bit More About Vitamist

The VitaMist Vitamin line is manufactured by the Mayer Pharmaceutical Laboratories which also handles a complete range of products that use natural flavorings and pure fruit juices. They provide the finest and purest ingredients available today. VitaMist Spray vitamins contain the absolute purest vitamins and minerals that have been researched to contain a perfect ‘tested’ blend of nutrients for the human body. VitaMist is very unique as it uses the concept of “rapid absorption” into the body using spray.


Does The Vitamist Business Opportunity
‘Cut The Cheese’
When It Comes To Producing Income?

VitaMistVitaMist is considered an MLM as it pays both referral and preferred customer commissions. There’s also a presidential global profit program along with insurance, auto, travel and insurance incentives.

VitaMist Financial Plan was specifically designed to generate immediate income and a long term residual income. First time referral marketers get large incentive rewards and… VitaMist has become very attractive to many business minded individuals who seek $3,000+ per month money making business opportunities!


VitaMist Retail Profits Comp: Upon becoming a Team Member, you buy their products at wholesale prices, then resell them for an 87% profit, which is totally yours to keep. Some examples…



Preferred Customer Commissions: As long as you remain an active team member, you received 25% profit on every product sold and placed by your personally enrolled Preferred Customers.

Turbo Start Commissions: VitaMist turbo start commissions have been specifically designed to reward all initial product sales with bonus commissions to all those who generate new business. You receive a check for 50% of the initial cost of the first order from anyone YOU personally help to join the program.


Can Make Money With The Company?

There are now over 20 million baby boomers in their middle 50’s and… looking for anything that will help them live a longer life such as nature vitamins and supplements as well as nutritional foods and diets. This audience is enormous and keep in mind, that the “baby boomers” are the people who’ve literally made companies like Gerber baby foods very rich in the past.

The conclusion of my review here is that you CAN make money with the VitaMist business opportunity. The difference between the team mates or affiliate’s who succeed and those who fail miserably, will be their ability to drive traffic to their website, then convert that traffic into sales without having to wrestle with any of the many technical issues that are notorious to marketing failure.

If… And when you decide to become a VitaMist affiliate, you’re personally responsible for the marketing and promoting of your business and THIS SKILL will determine the level of  true success and bottom line income that you create.

If the VitaMist opportunity sounds like a good fit for you, but you do not possess the skills of getting highly targeted traffic and then converting that traffic into actual sales, there is very good news for you here since you CAN ACQUIRE these skills.

But…. take the time to learn the online marketing skills you’ll  need to generate and convert traffic.  Another thing to keep in mind is… this is not a “get-quick-rich” quick scheme.

Yours in covering your back,

Dave D. Williamson

P.S. Again, before getting involved with any business, learn
a system that attracts highly targeted traffic and then converts it into sales…