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WOW!  Interest rates are up, the stock markets are down, and unemployment is “off the hook”!  Amazingly, “work from home programs” and the ability to earn money working from home is dramatically flourishing as everyone runs for the cover of the internet.

Like a hero… arriving during my darkest marketing moments, I recall my mentor sending me inspirational emails; videos etc. that kept me hanging on to that ‘survival rope’ until he completely change my mindset, forcing me to look at things in a very different positive way.  Once I experience this mindset change, new unheard of marketing ideas started coming to mind.  Kind of weird, isn’t it? Hopefully, I can do the same for you today with this video post…

In summary, during these tough times, starting an internet business to earn money working from home is very obtainable, considering the vast marketing mediums in addition to millions of newcomers to the internet every year.  Look into the future by getting started now! Start where I did over one year ago by subscribing to the Free 8 Day Mastermind Boot-Camps located at the top right side of this page for both you and your family’s sake.

Let’s move forward friends,
Dave D. Williamson

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How to Find the Best Time to Send Email Newsletters…

Sending out your newsletters at the precise time of the day/week will achieve a much higher percentage of readers versus non-readers.

So What’s The Best Days To Send Out A Newsletter?

I have found that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are generally good days to distribute email newsletters.  However, the weekend days should not be disregarded either because for some businesses sending email campaigns on weekends can result in higher activity from the recipients.

Now we’d like to go deeper and try to determine how to find the best time to send (or schedule) the email campaigns.  This question is more complicated, and like everything in email marketing, depends on numerous variables and your specific situation.

You should remember that the email delivery process involves many factors that may be beyond your control such as

– Recipient factor
– Delivery duration
– Queue factor
– ISP factor

Let’s examine each of these factors closer.

Recipient Factor…

So when are your recipients most likely to open your email or newsletter?

Statistics show that the majority of emails are opened throughout the day between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. (EST) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Most business related customers open emails during their workday.  Consumer-oriented subscribers can open emails at any time.

Other factors such as; Age, job, demographics, sex, and time zones also come into play. If you are emailing students or teens, they are most likely to open your message when they get home from school or college.  So, the late afternoon is a good time to send your message.

Homemakers will (most of the time) read the emails in the middle of the day.  Also, many people may not have access to the Internet or email due to their occupations (construction, factory and restaurant workers, doctors, nurses, teachers and many others). These people will check their mailboxes in the evening or on the weekend.

Another factor is “sex”.  Males versus females are more likely to be online during the prime evening television viewing hours.

Are your recipients from the United States or do they live all over the world?  When people in New York start their workday, the European citizens prepare to go home.  So, if you are in the United States and send your emails in the morning at the beginning of the workday, some of your recipients in Europe, Asia, and Australia may not catch your message the same day unless they check their mailboxes at home.

If you have the subscribers all over the world, consider segmenting your mailing list according to major time zone periods – and schedule the emails to each group accordingly.

It’s important that during the sign-up process you collect as much information about the habits and preferences of your subscribers as possible. Based on those details you will be able to determine the time period (or periods) when they are most likely to open and act on your emails.

Delivery Duration

The size of your list does matter, taking from a few minutes to hours for your email software or provider to actually send the emails to all the subscribers on your list.  You should monitor and understand this duration period and take it into account when calculating the optimal time to send your email campaigns.

Queue Factor

If you are using an ASP solution or sharing a mail server with others in your company, keep in mind that after you click the Send button in your email client, your emails may not be sent immediately but will go “in the queue” and may take longer time to be sent than you expected. You should find out if the “queue factor” applies to you and add this estimated time into your calculations.

ISP Factor

Not all ISPs work equally.  Some ISPs deliver emails immediately after they receive them.  Others may take one or more hours to process emails.  In addition, some ISPs use volume-based filters, so sending too many emails to within a short amount of time may cause your emails to be blocked – and sent to the ‘ISP blackhole’.  If you notice that one or more ISPs consistently show a significant delay in the delivery, consider splitting those subscribers into smaller groups and scheduling them for an earlier delivery time.

Calculating the Best Sending Time

Now when you are aware of the major factors that may affect the email delivery and open times, let’s deduce a formula to calculate the optimal time to send your email newsletter:

DOT – (IF + DD + QF) = ST


DOT – desired open time
IF – ISP factor
DD – delivery duration
QF – queue factor
ST – scheduler or send time

Example: 1 p.m. – (1 Hour + 1 Hour + 0.5 Hour) = 10:30 a.m.

This example shows that if you decide that the best time for your recipients to open your email is at 1 p.m., you need to schedule your email to be sent at 10:30 a.m.

If you don’t want to calculate the ideal time for your email campaign, at least you should do the following:

  • If your email list is high, schedule your emails well in advance of the desired open time.
  • If your list is fairly small, then perhaps an hour or so in advance might be enough.

Advise… Take some worthwhile time to apply these techniques; you’ll definitely see a difference in your newsletter results.

Remember… One particular technique may separate the ‘cream from the crop’ but, a combination of little techniques will let the cream rise to the top!

Don’t let your internet marketing friends shoot themselves in the foot or hand them a cannon to do it with. 🙂 Share this free information with them using the Share Thisbox below.  This favor will come back around to you in many rewarding ways!

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Yours in Future Prosperity,
Dave D. Williamson

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Mr. Dave D. Williamson, could you please do a post explaining what attraction marketing system (7 Figure Networker) you use and why? This is just one of the many inquiries I’ve received in the past few weeks. Here’s a free video tutorial of just a few of the many features contained in the marketing system I use.

Today’s video should completely open your eyes to how Important it is to have a Proven Successful Marketing Mentor and Marketing System. 🙂

Well Friends, the proof is in the pudding and the “pudding” is my system! The 7 Figure Networker System  works everyday whether I’m sleeping or not and best of all, I can see it growing by leaps and bounds using daily snapshots, not to mention that my Email Inbox and Conversion Rates have been completely off the hook lately!

My marketing conversion rates in the above video tutorial are not only “Off The Hook”, to most marketers but are also expected when you have a proven caring marketing mentor like Jonathan Budd, who has mastered 90 percent of most attraction marketing training, secrets and techniques out there in today’s internet.

I focused over two (2) months of my time investigating marketing mentors, marketing systems, etc. to find Jonathan and the 7 Figure Networker System. My desktop was literally full of Microsoft Word Investigation Forms, Phone Numbers along with numerous email communications with other mentors.

As most of you know, I’ve been working from home ‘Full Time’ now for over a year. You also know I’m a very firm believer in Truthfulness, Honesty and always Valuable and Useful Information, therefore I tell it like it is no matter how much it hurts… The Truth will set you free, my friends. 🙂

Believe it or not, you’ve seen nothing yet. Very few features and Benefits of this marketing system have been covered here, but some advance features are soon to come in the form of another video tutorial.

Leave your comments, share this with your friends, and let’s get some more pretty faces in the Google Friend Connect located on the right side of this page. 🙂

Oh… I almost forgot, forgive me… Here’s the link:

Everyone Loves Surprises so… Keep Watching… You never know what coming,

Love, Peace and Joy to All! 🙂
Dave D. Williamson

Hello Again Friends,
Today’s article and video is shorter in length than usual, but just as helpful and powerful…

You’re probably wondering if there’s more to this Santa Claus hat I’m wearing than just the holiday spirit…


What About The Darkest Moments of Being Financially BUSTED After The Holidays?

Remembering back one year ago when I started as an internet entrepreneur, I recall being terribly upstricken after seeing only “twenty stinking dollars” in my wallet at the end of the Christmas/New Year’s holiday season.

Thinking like a Millionaire and overlooking my budget while shopping, eating out and doing financial favors for the family, I had created a huge financial burden that took a heavy toll on my future marketing schedule not to mention, I couldn’t really concentrate on where to start!


Considering the bad state of the economy this year, I decided to give you some helpful insights that will enable you to get back to business and speed up your financial recovery from the costly holiday pit fall.

Things Every Internet Entrepreneur Should Consider after the Holidays, Especially after Christmas and New Years since the span of time is longer than most…

I highly recommend touching base with your teammates, prospects etc. to personally find out where their trouble spots are, for example: Your prospects of team members may not know where to restart their marketing efforts or some may just need some simple ideas on putting a quick campaign together to help recover some of their income back.

One idea would be to launch a quick campaign using an Dave Santa Hat4
affiliate program you’re already a part of and familiar with.


Maybe a quick change up in your blog or website, keywords, tag words etc. to increase exposure with Google. Not only is this quick, but also just like mylelf, you could discover that you’re really not under the correct keywords in which could drive additional droves of traffic to your site. Remember, it only takes that ONE small ingredient to put you back on track, but it takes a lot of little things to make everything come together.

Keep in mind; that in most cases, ONE technique alone usually NEVER yields you success in your business, however, it’s a proven fact that a multitude of little techniques or things you do, ‘WHEN DONE RIGHT’, will make or break your business.


Often just one of these little techniques will completely put your business on a rewarding fast track path to success! It happens more than you think friends, but one thing is for sure…. If you do Nothing, you’ll get Nothing.

Do yourself a favor friends, sit down, relax and do some real thinking for a moment… you’ll be surprised with the ideas that suddenly pop up in your mind!

Also, depending on the comments, questions etc. I receive from this post located at the bottom of this page, I may put together an easy campaign that you can duplicate (with the option to use my videos) to help speed up the “after the holidays” recovery process for your business.


Leave your comments below so I can better know where most of you need help. You may also want to subscribe to my RSS Feed “Get Blog Post” mid ways down this page on the right (black box). This way you’ll be the first to get notified of any new marketing tips and help articles. It only takes one to completely turn your business around! As always, I’m here to help…

Have a Very Blessed Holiday My Friends,

Dave D. Williamson
Monna Ellithorpe (Partner)

PS. Stay tuned for an upcoming “mind blowing” article, “Some Very Deadly Mistakes To Avoid When Designing and Choosing a Blog Template or Having A Blog Professionally Designed”…

This Could Be You…

8-day-trainingblock While reading an interesting Book on
Mentoring titled, “Modern Technology and Your Online Internet Business”, some very important thoughts came, with you in mind so I decided to put together this quick video to explain in more detail…

Placing myself in your position one year ago, I had NO realization of new technology and where it was advancing to in the future. If I had a Marketing Mentor at that time to hand me the information, it obviously would have saved me many hours of trial and errors in my marketing methods.

With this in mind, I’m going to save YOU the time it took me to realize how Important using “New Technology and also how critical “Proper Mentoring” is to your marketing. As with the outdated 1940’s farm tractor I showed you in the video above, it is very primitively outdated and now rendered Useless to the modern day farmer. It would cost the farmer a fortune in maintenance, productivity and time etc. A pretty important factor when considering that the farmer’s family survival is on the line here. Wouldn’t you say?

The same principles of Technologies apply to your online marketing now friends… That’s right, I’m sure you certainly would NOT go back to using the old time marketing methods such as: direct mail, contacting neighbors and friends etc.


Imagine how long it would take to reach the number of prospects you now are capable of reaching on the internet today, not to mention the gas, wear/tear on your automobile and the time you would spend to accomplish this.
Another important point is this: Just imagine trying to follow up with all your prospects without an auto-responder or manually submitting your blog, ads, articles, videos etc. What a Time consuming Nightmare.. huh? I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.


Now friends, I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve thrown stacks of business opportunities out in the trash. You know what I’m talking about… The Carlton Sheets Real Estate Courses, Don Lapre Wealth Building Methods, etc. Come to think of it, I’ve sold everything from “lotions and potions” to “Kirby Vacuum Cleaners”. At one time I even bought a very big Xerox Multi Printer for over $2,000 (all the money I had at the time), in addition to spending countless hours hammering out direct mail!

I also remember my phone receiver handle smoking from using it so much. Heck I was calling everyone; I visited doctors’ offices, stores, and even knocked on residential doors! Back then we called it Knocking Doors and Cleaning Floors”… lol..

They call it “the good old days”… well, they can have those good old days. The old ways of marketing would make you want to sign up for the death penalty at the end of the day, lol…

At no surprise, most people were at work during the day, so guess who had to work each and every evening? That’s right, me… what a drag! I’m glad those days are gone.


If I were starting over today, I would first take about 1-2 days to Really Investigate many marketing mentors, Not only to see if he or she is honest, but more importantly… do I feel comfortable with them, can I relate to what they are saying?

We all know that our learning and marketing production time increases 100 fold when we are comfortable with who’s mentoring or teaching us.

Secondly, I would make sure the mentor was practicing “Attraction Marketing” because pushy marketing is definitely a Turn Off and a thing of the past! Another very important ingredient I would look for when considering a marketing mentor is this; It’s very, very important that you feel your mentor is coming from the true heart and really enjoys helping people. A good way to tell is to see how much Free Value he or she offers you without trying to push a sale on you.

It entirely impossible to cover all the tips I’ve learned in my past marketing and mentoring experiences here on this post. However, you may subscribe to my RSS Feed on this page to get the future posts.

I’ve just recently decided to incorporate fresh marketing tips (tips that are working for me right now) in my posts soon. You’ll also find that I will be posting personal and fresh video training that is also working for me right now. My Video training has many little tricks that I use to allow you can learn faster for example: Zooming in on key areas using screen shots, attraction marketing communication tricks, I guarantee you won’t find most other places on the internet.

Bold statements right? Well find out for yourself and when you do, share it with PICTURE everyone because we all need help in this uncertain economy we are now in.

Remember, This Could Be You!
Yours in Mastery,
Dave D. Williamson

PS. One of my very loyal team members sent me this picture of his dad’s 1940’s farm tractor after seeing my above video…

Thanks Jim…

Pretty neat, don’t you think?

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