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Installing A Theme and Customization…

Today’s training will literally teach you how to install a WordPress theme to your blog or website (central nerve center).  The  theme is basically the outline for your site. It’s the one component that makes your site attractive. There’s literally thousands of themes on the internet. You can simply go into Google and type in “Free Themes” to find one that fits your style.

Not all themes are created equal. Be sure your theme is created by a respected designer. The last thing that you want is to have coding problems and let that get in the way of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). is highly respected and you can get both premium and Free themes there. Remember, when promoting a business opportunity… less is more. Keep your blog or website very clean. Do NOT add a bunch of free ads as they are only distractions to your prospects. You’ll be able to create additional streams of income in your autoresponder. There’s absolutely no need to load up your site with various types distracting advertising. Capture your prospects attention and keep them focused on the main reason why you have them there.  And Add Value, Value and more Value. This is what will separate you from your competition?

How To Install a Theme to Your WordPress Blog

Free WordPress Themes - Woo Themes Free and Premium WordPress Themes Can Be Found Here

Recommended Resource Blog Service Option:

I do NOT hide the fact that learning WordPress, additional plug-ins, widgets and designing etc. does take some time, so we’ve put together an “unmatched” Attraction Marketing Celebrity Design Team that will completely build a customized blog for you… The ‘Attraction Marketing Celebrity Blog Design Service’ was created Exclusively for my blog followers & friends (that means you : ).  We’ve secured HUGE discounts in getting your own Fully customized, Professionally Designed, Personally branded blog up and running for you in no-time.

If Your Stuck on Design – This is Your Solution

And you know what… I LOVE to OVER Deliver value in everything I teach. So, I have a very special bonus video on “How to install plugins in WordPress”. NOTE: To access the area where you add plugins, simply log into your WordPress dashboard, scroll down to “Plugins” then click on “Add New” located on the left side, then watch the video below.

Installing Your WordPress Plugins Central Nerve Center / Blog:

.. (Click on the expand option in the lower right hand corner of the video player to view full screen)…

Let me know if this tutorial helped you out. If so, pass this on to your friends by using the “re-tweet” and “share this” button below this training. They’ll appreciate it and remember; what comes around, goes around. 🙂

Moving You Forward,


In today’s training, things are really coming together. You’re going to learn how to install a Free web site to your domain name using Fantastico in Host Gator (your host). This will give you complete control over your own 100% customizable web site and enable you to start adding content and marketing it to the masses. Remember to review the notes below.

Installing Through Host Gator

Get your own Hosting Account Here:



  • Make sure your domains nameservers are correctly switched to hostgators name servers before attempting do anything with wordpress.
  • Once your nameservers are correctly changed you can access your hosting account by going to and entering your hostgator username and password in the pop-up security window.
  • Once wordpress is successfully installed to your domain name, you’ll access your web site’s back office (Dashboard) by going to and entering your username & password.

Give me some feedback on this tutorial friends by leaving me a comment and share the love here by tweeting this training using the “Tweet” button below. Help your friends by letting them know about it. They’ll appreciate and return the favor in many ways you will not know about until the future…

Moving You Forward,

Have you ever heard?  Creating “backlinks” in Business, Community Forums, Blogs etc., can dramatically lower your “Alexa Traffic Ranking” and bring explosive results to your business when applied correctly?

WOW!  Today, I’m going to prove it by sharing some simple techniques that have literally Crushed my ‘high’ Alexa Traffic Ranking from over 1,000,000, down to 470,000 in just three (3) months!

That’s a whopping 1,240 %…  Anyone familiar with Alexa will tell you this is Phenomenal!  Today’s post has ‘dual value’ with an additional new program update called “FollowerWonk”.  What is Alexa Traffic Ranking?  What is FollowerWonk?  “Free Dave” puts it all on live video screen shot friends, Watch, Enjoy, and then Apply!  🙂

With the right attraction marketing system techniques, you’ll achieve these results rather quickly as long as you remain consistent and focused.  I’ll also remind you that all techniques in my posts remain fresh and working very effectively, “as we speak”.

Let Summarize in today’s post in a ‘Nutshell”… 🙂

1. Create an account in at least three forums that have very good Alexa traffic rankings. (See list “Dave’s Forums” on right side of this blog page as shown in the above video). I recommend; Warrior Forum, Conquer Your Niche and Better Networker Forum.

NOTE: Make your profile and signature file very different and unique than other forum members. Feel free to get some Ideas from my profile at the warrior forum if you like, here’s the link…

2. Now that you have a profile set up, create a new post, thread etc. on a very ‘wide open’ topic that appeals to a large variety of the masses, not just networkers.  This will prevent spending too much of your valuable marketing time in these forums in the future.

NOTE: Post Subjects Examples: Branding, Attraction Marketing, Networking etc.  Also, make sure you have your forum account settings to receive an email you when someone replies to your post, thread etc.  I’m pretty sure your profile will automatically be set up to notify you.

3. Make sure to reply immediately to any prospects who reply to your post.  At this point you should be receiving an email when someone replies.  Stay prompt and alert so prospects see you standing out from the rest.  They are more likely to follow someone who is “on the ball” in the game of marketing.

NOTE: Always, hold a “neutral” stance of opinion in your replies and always try to reply using an attraction marketing statement in the form of a question to arouse curiosity!

4. Put these three forums and their daily chores on a “daily reminder”.  I keep a “daily reminder” notepad file on my desktop.  These are daily business chores I complete first thing every day.  Click on the thumbnail to the right to enlarge the screen shot of my daily routine for an example.

5. Go to FollowerWonk , and click on “Twitter user comparison”. You will have to type in some accounts to compare in order to get to the page where you can sign up for the updates.  You can type in “democrats” in the field “Twitter user 1” and “republicans” in “Twitter user 2:”.

On the next page, enter your email information in the box located at the bottom left side of the page. You’ll now be one of the first to be able to apply their applications when they become available.  This is going to be very big friends so get it done now.

Put these techniques to work today and keep a steady eye on your Alexa Traffic Ranking! 🙂


We do not just “talk the talk”, We “walk the walk”. 🙂

These proven techniques have taken many hours of trial and error which is the reason for their effectiveness and success, so…

Share this information with others and give back to the networking industry.

Until next time,

ALWAYS! Moving You Forward While Making Things Happen,

Dave D. Williamson

P.S. Was this post valuable?  Let everyone know!  Drop “Free Dave” a comment below.  Wow, I’m a poet and “didn’t know it”  lol 🙂

How to Use Facebook For Business…

Are we at Facebook or Spambook?  🙂
I’m not really sure sometimes, but…
I do know that social media websites are for building relationships through friends, family, and business.  Today I’m sharing some very effective techniques on ‘how to use Facebook when communicating’ with others in addition to how to really target your “Getting Friends”.  These techniques are NOT ONLY time saving, they are very easy to grasp and are very effective.  Enjoy, and then apply… 🙂


Try these techniques not only on Facebook, but on any social media communities or social sites you spend time on everyday building your social networks.  While you’re at Facebook, I would love to see you, so come join me and say hi! 🙂

After some intensive time consuming investigations, I’ve now joined two Amazing Communities; one ‘New’ and one that’s been around for awhile, both are now positioned for the ‘New Wave’ future revolution of Social Media Marketing.  The fact is “they pay you” instead of making all the money themselves for something you’re already doing on a daily basis!  Another reason is that many people are really getting turned off by business opportunities, the competition, and the many variables of possible failure.

I highly recommend you join the two communities listed below to position yourself for the upcoming Explosion of Social Media.  You can join both on a free member basis or pay for an upgrade; I leave that up to you, but most importantly, get yourself positioned now!

I am a paying member at both of the below listed sites and will set up a complete “take you by the hand” proven technique to be profitable as you follow my shirt tail to the Social Media Success of the future.

I’m currently working with some of the ‘top performers’ on a personal basis to make this happen for us.

Also, while your here… If you haven’t already, subscribe to my RSS Feed at the top of this post, ‘get notified’ of future video posts that will explain in detail how to use these communities effectively so you’re not just another struggling marketer out there.

Position yourself now, here are the links.

Important: Remember to make your profile different, (foxy, sexy, etc.) with a variety of life situations pictures and also a video with more about you, if possible.  I am aware that many of you Run from the video recorder as I used to do, but there is an alternative…  You can do a simple slide show with some pictures of you and your family’s livelihood.  I’m sharing a Social Media Recipe that works friends… 🙂

Create an interesting Bio along with plenty of  interests, hobbies etc.  Make sure to fill your profile out to its entirety, nothing looks worse than a half completed profile.  This way you’ll attract more targeted “higher quality” friends.  🙂

Always Looking Beyond Today’s Marketing,

Dave D. Williamson

P.S. Say Hello! Visit My Community…

It’s very hard to explain the importance of having a successful mentoring program as well as a proven avenue for learning PPC marketing. PPC marketing is one of the most effective relationship building marketing mediums on the internet today whether you’re applying ‘internet business strategies’ or ‘internet business plans’.  So, let me share a video of some of past PPC Students in the 7 Figure Networker System and the experience they got hanging out with us live & in person to learn PPC.  See their experience for yourself… 🙂

Dave, are you crazy?  Recording this intro video in those weather surroundings?

Not really friends…  For 30 years, I worked in all types of weather 7 days per week, often 10-12 hours per day installing pipe across the United States.  This is a “wake up” call to the reality of where I came from. 🙂

Try it sometime friends, you’ll get a refreshed mindset, with many new marketing ideas coming to mind on auto-pilot, and NO, it’s not so bad…  I look forward to returning to my office where it’s warm and best of all; I get to help you with a proven business mentoring program along with other free valuable information everyday while working full time! 🙂 Check out my video…

The people in the first video are “real people” with “real intentions” friends!  This is NOT just some FAD that’s going away tomorrow.  It is here to stay and EVOLVING.

It’s become the single biggest ‘Connector’ of people around the world, and the time is NOW to learn how to take advantage of it.

If you’re looking to make a change in your life right now, I’m not kidding when I tell you that INVESTING in this course could be the most POWERFUL thing you’ve ever done.  We’ve already changed MORE people’s lives than we can count with this information…  I would LOVE for you to be next. 🙂

You can make your decision here…

Moving you forward,

Dave D. Williamson

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