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During my 25 year career  as a pipefitter, I learned that you just can’t trade hours for dollars and get ahead (or stay healthy).

I also began to discover my true passion, helping others live a more rewarding life through time freedom and financial independence. I completed my career change from ‘pipefitter’ to ‘online social media’ over 5 years ago.

Dave D. Williamson.com is where I share news on the latest Social Media Marketing trends and strategies, How to, New Found Programs, Tools, Management, Mindset and more, all in the form of 100% live screen shot video tutorials…

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About Dave D. Williamson

I’ve always had a very deep passion to help people succeed, but have never had any special or advanced technical skills. I’m not a computer geek, computer graduate, or an internet marketing “guru”. I’m just a regular average hard working person just as many of you.

I help people like you all the time. In fact, most people I coach and train have achieved pretty much the same results I have.

During my career as a traveling pipefitter in what you might call a normal J.O.B. for over 25 years, I’ve learned that you can not trade long hours for dollars and get ahead (or stay healthy at the same time). This equation works against you significantly, so I decided to invest in educating myself and to also find out how to leverage/network my time using the world wide web.

Now I help people set up their blogs, brand themselves and build online social media list building systems on the internet to help them escape the long hours of working hard to make someone else rich and to achieve their dreams of becoming financially independent thus spending more time at home with their families.

Yours in Social Media,
Dave D. Williamson